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Types of Buses Available for Hire in Australia

Australia offers a wide range of options for hiring buses for various purposes. Whether you need a vehicle for a family trip, group tour, or corporate event, several types of buses are available for hire. This article will explore the different options and services provided by reputable rental companies in Australia.

1. Bus and Minibus Hire

Avis Car Rental is an option if you’re looking for bus or minibus hire in Australia. They offer a great selection of vehicles, ranging from small minivans to 22-seater buses and everything in between. Avis provides flexible and affordable solutions, including mini bus rental, 12-seater bus rental, and large bus hire. Whether planning a family trip, touring with friends, or transporting supporters to a big game, Avis has you covered.

2. Avis Car Rental

Apart from bus and minibus hire, Avis provides various commercial vehicles for hire. They have various options, including rates for weekend cleanups, vans for delivery and moving projects, and trucks for commercial contracts. Whatever your transportation needs, Avis ensures they have the right vehicle for you.

3. Which Bus Hire is Right for You?

SIXT Rental Tips offers a wide selection of buses for different occasions. For families looking for extra space on road trips, 8-seater van hire is ideal. It can also accommodate small groups such as sports teams and workplaces. If you need to transport a larger group, they offer 12-seater vans, mid-sized buses, and coaches that can fit up to 40 people. Choosing the right bus depends on the specific requirements of your task or event.

4. 12 Seater Minibus Hire

Avis Car Rental also provides 12-seater minibus hire in Australia. Their reliable van rental solutions suit extended family holidays or group tours. The vehicles are regularly maintained and kept in perfect running order. With options like the Toyota Commuter rental, Avis ensures your journey is comfortable and hassle-free.

5. Bus Hire Prices in Australia

When planning to hire or charter a bus in Australia, it’s important to understand the factors influencing bus hire rates. Rates can vary based on the type of vehicle, time of year, type of event, and excursion distance. CoachHire Bus Hire provides a rough guide to Australian bus hire rates, helping you estimate the cost of your transportation needs.

6. Raw Hire and Safety

Raw Hire is a reputable company that prioritises safety regarding bus hire. They place the highest importance on providing vehicles of the highest quality, ensuring attention to detail and care. Raw Hire equips their buses with In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) units, contributing to driver safety, vehicle tracking, and journey management planning. With Raw Hire, you can have peace of mind knowing that safety is their top priority.

7. Hassle-Free Bus Hire in Australia

Coachhire.com.au is an online platform that makes bus and coach hire easy and stress-free. They provide transparent prices for all available options and guarantee the best price. With over 500 transport operators in their network, they offer the widest choice of vehicles catered to your needs. By using them, you can save time and effort by conveniently comparing and booking the best possible vehicle for your trip.

8. Different Types of Buses Explained

There are several types of buses commonly encountered on the road. Let’s explore some of the most common types:

  1. Single Deck Bus: A standard passenger bus with a single deck, commonly used by transit systems, tourism companies, and charter bus companies.
  2. Double Decker Bus: A bus with two levels provides additional seating capacity and is often used for city tours or sightseeing.
  3. Articulated Buses: Buses with a flexible joint connecting the sections, allowing for better manoeuvrability in urban areas.
  4. School Bus: Specifically designed for transporting students to and from schools.
  5. Minibus: A smaller bus that can accommodate fewer passengers, often used for small group travel or shuttle services.
  6. Electric Bus: Buses powered by electricity, offering a greener and more sustainable transportation option.
  7. Shuttle Bus: Typically used for short-distance transportation, such as airport transfers or hotel shuttles.
  8. Transit Bus: Buses operating on fixed routes within cities or regions provide public transportation services.
  9. Trolleybus: Buses powered by overhead electric wires offer a quieter and emission-free mode of transportation.

9. Vehicle Fleet Options

The Coach Company Australia offers a wide range of vehicles for hire, including sedans, people movers, mini buses, and coaches with varying seating capacities. Whether you need transportation for a small group or a larger crowd, they have the right vehicle to cater to your specific requirements.

10. Bus Travel in Australia

Bus travel is a common and convenient mode of transportation in Australia. An extensive bus network allows for efficient travel between cities. While trains and flights are also available, buses are often a more cost-effective option for intercity travel. The coach sector in Australia transports over 1.5 million domestic passengers each year, making it a popular choice for travellers.

11. Bus Operator Accreditation and Registration

In Australia, bus operator accreditation and registration have been simplified into one accreditation system. This system categorises bus services, such as route, demand-responsive, tour and charter bus services. Depending on the type of bus service, operators may require accreditation to ensure safety and compliance with regulations.


In Australia, various types of buses are available for hire to cater to different transportation needs. Whether planning a family trip, group tour, or corporate event, rental companies like Avis Car Rental, SIXT Rental Tips, Raw Hire, and Coachhire offer various options. Understanding the different types of buses, rental prices, and safety measures these companies provide will help you decide when hiring a bus in Australia.


  1. Are there buses available for large groups in Australia? Yes, there are buses available for large groups in Australia. Companies like Avis Car Rental and SIXT Rental Tips offer buses with seating capacities of up to 40 people.
  2. Can I hire a bus for a single day? Yes, most rental companies offer daily rates for bus hire, allowing you to hire a bus for a single day or multiple days as per your requirement.
  3. Are there any additional safety features in the buses for hire? Companies like Raw Hire equip their buses with In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) units to enhance driver safety, vehicle tracking, and journey management planning.
  4. Can I compare prices and book buses online? Yes, platforms like Coachhire, provide the convenience of comparing prices from multiple transport operators and booking buses online.
  5. Are there different types of bus services in Australia? Yes, bus services in Australia include route, demand-responsive, tour and charter bus services, and more. The type of service may require operators to have safety and regulatory compliance accreditation.

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