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6-8 Seat | Typically Toyota Tarago, Hyundai IMax or similar.

Service Description :

A minivan typically has a seating capacity for up to 7 passengers. It is smaller in size compared to other vans and is often used for personal or small group transportation.

Standard Van

9-12 Seat | Typically Toyota Hiace or similar.

Service Description :

A standard van is larger than a minivan and can accommodate around 9 to 12 passengers. It provides more space for both passengers and cargo, making it suitable for group travel or light commercial use.

Full-Size Van

12-15 Seat

Service Description :

Full-size vans are even larger than standard vans and can typically seat around 12 to 15 passengers. They offer more room for both passengers and cargo, making them popular choices for airport shuttles, hotels, and larger group transportation needs.

Mini Bus

16-30 Seat

Service Description :

A mini bus is a larger vehicle designed for transporting larger groups of people. It usually has a seating capacity ranging from 16 to 30 passengers, depending on the specific model. Mini buses are commonly used for school transportation, tours, and private group travel.

Mid-Size Bus

31-39 Seat

Service Description :

A mid-size bus is larger than a mini bus and can accommodate approximately 31 to 39 passengers. These buses are often used for public transportation, private tours, and shuttle services.

Coach Bus

40-65 Seat

Service Description :

Coach buses are the largest type of buses commonly used for long-distance travel, tours, and intercity transportation. They can have a seating capacity of 40 passengers or more, depending on the configuration. Coach buses typically offer more amenities such as comfortable seating, air conditioning, and onboard restrooms.


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